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Binding Wire

Tough Binding Wires for Everlasting Effect

Binding wire is one of the most essential and crucial building materials which has to be selected in a proper way. Even for this requirement, you can blindly depend on b-Easy because, we assure to supply the finest quality of binding wires available in market. The wires that we supply is manufactured by the latest technology to ensure that you get its faultless effectiveness. All the essential tying applications in the world of construction also gets appropriately fulfilled with this variety of building material.

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Essential Specifications for Better Understanding

Although these wires are manufactured with high-quality carbon steel, its flexibility factor is no-less. This has been made possible due to the annealing process used for producing the same. Actually, this is the reason why, such building material is also reputed with the name, annealed wire. Tying up the rebars and keeping the robustness of the construction structure may be the sole purpose of this item, but, its corrosion-resistant factor needs to be taken into consideration also. Available in diameters varying from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm, these wires are of total help for enhancing durability of the building. Moreover, there are various types of binding wire and each of those have got its specific set of characteristic features. .

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Binding Wire
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