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Immense compressive strength of cement has made it one of the most significant building material in the construction industry. Those who wants their dream home or construction projects to be everlasting and reliable would always settle with the best quality cement available. However, there are several options for cement out there in the construction industry, most common among them are OPC 53 (used for concreting and moulding) and OPC 43 (used for plastering and mortar for joinery). In such situations, developers or those aspiring to build their heavenly abodes often gets spoilt with choices. Hence, other than going haywire, click-on to b-Easy for an appropriate selection process because we supply the finest quality cement. After all, no compromise can be made while selecting the best and most trustable materials for construction.

Considerable Characteristic Features

Cement is one of the most effective binder in the construction industry, for which, it is also considered as an efficient component for the production of mortars and concretes. However, there are various types of cement out there having its respective manufacturers. Among all, ‘Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)’, is by far the most common type that gets used everywhere across the globe. Some of the fundamental features that showcases its constructability and durability are:

  • Calcareous rocks, Argillaceous rocks and Argillo Calcareous rocks are the main raw materials used for producing such cement
  • That appropriate proportion of lime, silica, alumina and iron oxide gets mixed is also considered here
  • Presence of Tricalcium Silicate enables this genre of cement to get hardened faster
  • Its production process is systematised and methodological to ensure that its workability is powerful and trustworthy
  • It normally gets used for concrete buildings, bridges, pavements, masonry units, etc.

Some Crucial Points on Various Types of Cement

Depending upon the functionality and constructability, experts are of the opinion that there are basically two types of cement. Namely:

  • Hydraulic Cement - reputed for getting hardened in a superfast manner when reacts with water.
  • Non Hydraulic Cement - known for its property for not getting hardened when reacts with water.

No wonder, this again depicts the importance of making a proper selection depending upon the purpose of construction. Grades of cement, i.e., OPC 43 Grade or OPC 53 Grade should also be considered before purchasing the relevant construction material.

Also Learn How to Store Cement Bags

No matter what type and pattern of cement you are in need of, you should never ignore to store this building material in a proper way. Hence, appropriate precautions should be adopted before it gets wasted. You can follow these helpful tricks:

  • Always store the cement bags at places that is shaded well. Those with windows or ventilators is better to be avoided
  • You can use platform of 1' height and don't forget to spread polythene sheets or dry wooden planks over that
  • For developers and constructors out there, FIFO (first batch of cement shall be used first) method is the best way to protect any sorts of wastage
  • For them a periodical inspection of the store is highly essential too

You can always get in touch with b-Easy for settling with something else other than these. We assure to fulfill your requirement in a best possible way.

We provide Quality Cement confirming to IS 4031 (All parts)

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