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Premium Concrete Sand

Shall Confirm to IS 383 (1970)

First Grade Premium Concrete Sand that Fits Construction Needs

Construction is one of the most competitive business form in this contemporary age. Quality and cost of construction both has to be maintained in this domain. b-Easy is well aware all this essential point and guarantees its esteemed clients to supply only the finest quality of building materials. Brilliant quality of Premium Concrete Sand that we supply is a perfect approval here. Immense river mining have reduced the availability of river sands for construction. Eventually, genius human brains has found its alternative through Premium Concrete Sand or manufacturing sand. This type of building material for construction is considered for its higher cohesion and compressive strength. No wonder, when you get to obtain its first rate quality from b-Easy you can remain assured of equipping your proposed project with reliability and durability benefits.

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Comparison between Premium Concrete Sand & River Sand
Premium Concrete Sand
River Sand
Concrete Strength
Higher compressive strength compared to river sand used in concrete
Less compressive strength around 25%
Silt Content
Zero Silt
Usually average sand will have 5 to 20% of Silt
Over Size
Zero, since it is artificially manufactured
1-6% over size on pebbles
Marine Products
1-2% like grass, clay lump, tree barks, tree leaves, etc
Rs. 35 to 45 / cft in Bangalore and sufficiently available
60-80 / cft in Bangalore not readily available
Very high, Since filtered sand, local sand will be mixed to river sand to meet the demand
Through b-Easy, any quantity will be available to site within 24 hours
Not sure

It is also important that you don't get confused in between Premium Concrete Sand and Crusher Dust

Comparison between Premium Concrete Sand & Crusher Dust
Premium Concrete Sand
Crusher Dust
Particle Shape
Cubically shaped
Flaky or dust
As per IS, BS, ASTM standards
It is a waste product in production process of stone crusher
As per IS 383 – 1970 Zone II
Not to any standard
Suitability for Concreting
Recommended to use for concrete and masonry works – world wide accepted
Not to be used for concreting or masonry work

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Effective Factors of Premium Concrete Sand

Better coherency compared to any other sand is not the only feature responsible in widening the effectiveness of Premium Concrete Sand discussed here. There are several other properties that are actually responsible in widening its utility in the world of construction industry. Some of which are:

  • Premium Concrete Sand which comes in granule thickness of 150 micron below 4.75 mm can be of perfect use for fine aggregates
  • For the granule thickness of 8 mm – 13 mm and 13 mm – 21 mm, it gets used as coarse aggregate
  • Shape of this building material is generally cubical and gets created with the help of updated technology
  • Workability and retention capabilities of this material for construction also depicts its potentiality
  • There are no silt or organic impurities and is completely eco-friendly. As far as the presence of construction defects are concerned, it is also lesser compared to other sands
  • It gets manufactured by following these basic steps of crushing, screening and washing
  • Availability of this building material is also more along with which is its transportation charges which is lesser compared to any other types

So that you don't get confused in between Premium Concrete Sand and River Sand, here is a detailed differentiation in between the two.

Premium Concrete Sand
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