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Premium Plastering Sand

Shall confirm to IS 383 (1970)

Premium Plastering Sand for Plastering Strength into Your Construction Structure

Proper selection of sands and coarse materials is a must for any sorts of building and construction. If it doesn't gets conducted effectively and efficiently, then, there are several aftermaths that would remain intact with the constructed structure. Some of those are:

  • Compressive strength of footings, columns, roof beam and in roof would definitely get reduced
  • Such buildings are not at all safe on due course
  • Durability gets reduced too
  • Possibility of plastering or even structural cracks on walls after a period of one year or two.
  • There are chances for the ceiling plasters falling down too

By availing first rate plastering Premium Plastering Sand from b-Easy all these can be avoided with confidence. This is a reputed building material widely used for is used for concrete mixing and enhancing its compressive strength. Requirements related with constructive plastering and flooring works also gets well executed with it. With our user friendly app, all these features and various other advantageous aspects for first rate Premium Plastering Sand can be acquired with ease.

However, river sand and Premium Plastering Sand are also reputed for acquiring somewhat similar characteristic properties. Here are some of the crucial differentiating points in between the two.

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Plastering Sand
River Sand
40% less cost i.e., Rs 60 / cft
Costly Rs 80 / cft
Readily available through b-Easy
Not sure
Conforms to Zone II and passes 383 – 1970
Not sure due to adultery
Does not require cleaning and it is ready to use. Zero wastage
To be cleaned before using. There will be wastage
Assured Quality
Not assured

Best Quality for Premium Plastering Sand is also a guaranteed by b-Easy.

Premium Plastering Sand
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