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Artevia Floor Concrete

Launched in 2004, Artevia®is a range of decorative concretes for outdoor and indoor applications. The product line has experienced strong sales growth thanks to its great adaptability to the most diverse projects, to market demand which follows the trend and to the capacity of our teams to offer large product ranges.

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Artevia® concretes offer many advantages:

  • excellent adaptation to complex shapes,
  • quick installation and low maintenance,
  • resistance to wear and tear,
  • creative freedom with a wide choice of colors and surface appearances.

Artevia® makes it possible to obtain esthetically-pleasing surface effects. For example:

  • Artevia® ranges featuring visible aggregates (colored or not), for which Lafarge's broad choice of aggregates allows almost endless variations:
    • Artevia®Exposed allows the aggregates to be visible on the surface of concrete, with more or less salience.
    • Artevia® Polish provides a smooth marble-like polished finish and can be used for interiors.
    • Artevia® Stone provides a finish similar to that of natural cut stone.
    • Artevia® Sand gives the rustic appearance of sand without the inconvenience of mud or dust.
  • Colored Artevia® ranges with invisible aggregates:
    • Artevia® Print creates surfaces with varied prints allowing to imitate traditional coatings' color and texture: paving stones, stepping stones, natural stone, wood, etc.,
    • Artevia® Color allows to obtain colored surfaces either smooth (with moiré pattern effects or not) or with light textures. These products can be used outdoor or indoor.
Artevia Floor Concrete
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