Siporex Light Weight Blocks

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Siporex Light Weight Blocks

Shall confirm to IS 6042 (1969)

First-Rate Siporex AAC Blocks at b-Easy

These are also called Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC), Autoclaved Cellular Concrete (ACC) and Autoclave Lightweight Concrete (ALC). On buying these blocks from b-Easy, you would definitely obtain first-rate products that are combined with vital features like:

  • Lightweight
  • Precast building material
  • Best in insulation and fire resistance
  • Best for auditoriums as its sounds absorbency is 3" & 4" for of air borne sounds and is 38 to 40 db for walls
  • Good for plumbing, electric work, fixing joinery, etc., due to its workability
  • Comparatively very low density of 550 to 700 kg/m3
  • Compressive strength is varying from 30 to 50 kg/cm2 depends upon design mix.

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Usually available size are:

  • 100mm x 200mm x 600mm
  • 150mm x 200mm x 600mm
  • 200mm x 200mm x 600mm

Lightweight aggregates are used for producing these concretes. Such aggregates are produced by ‘Thermal Treatment’ technique. Ingredients used here includes, naturally occurring materials or from the industrial by-products (pulverized fly ash, blast furnace slag, sludge etc.) waste materials etc. The use of agricultural waste aggregates is also an alternative to conventional method for the production of Lightweight Aggregates.

Some of the advantageous factors responsible in popularising our lightweight blocks are:

  • Light Weight
  • Highly insulating
  • Fire resistance
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Environment-friendly
  • Stapled with ISI mark & norms, etc.

Options of shape and size for buying these items are many with us too. For example:

  • 4’’x8”x24”---9kg to 10 kg
  • 6”x8”x24”---14kg to 15kg
  • 8”x8”x24”----19 kg to 20 kg

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  • Maximum possible load in a vehicle is 10 MT.
  • We also have 16MT and 21 MT Vehicles available.
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